One of the most amazing fulfillments of biblical prophecy is the return of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. These exiled people, whose very existence was unknown for centuries, are descendants of the Lost Tribe of Dan.

Rabbi Eckstein, founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews saw first-hand the desire of the Ethiopian Jews to make their prophetic return, "from the four corners of the earth" (Isaiah 11:12) to Israel. For over 20 years The Fellowship and its supporters have helped thousands of Ethiopian Jews make aliyah (immigration to Israel) and with their klitah (resettlement) transition to Israeli culture. And now, this summer will mark the historic conclusion of a lost tribe's journey home.

As you explore this site you will meet families and individuals who risked their lives for the chance to return to the Holy Land, and see the importance of continuing vital klitah programs for these new olim (immigrants) so that Israel and its Ethiopian community continue to prosper and flourish.





This covert operation rescued some 8,000 Jews, who had walked from Ethiopia to Sudan, and brought them to Israel. But since there were no diplomatic relations between Sudan and Israel, the operation was abruptly halted, and 15,000 of those longing to return home to the Holy Land were left behind. Many families were torn apart during this immigration, as only the able-bodied were able to make the arduous and dangerous trek to Sudan.



With funds raised almost entirely from the Christian community, The Fellowship – then called the Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews – supported its first Ethiopian aliyah and klitah.



Operation Solomon was one of the largest air operations in Israel’s history. Israel renewed diplomatic relations with Ethiopia’s new government and reached an agreement to allow several hundred Jews to immigrate to Israel within a month. Time was of the essence because any political destabilization could negate the plan. The operation officially began on May 24, 1991, and in less than two days 30 aircraft loaded with passengers (one had 1,078 on board – a world record to this day!) flew between Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, and Tel Aviv. In total, more than 15,000 new Ethiopian olim arrived safely at Ben Gurion Airport and began their new lives in the Promised Land.

1993 - 1999

Establishing Success in Israel

During this time, the focus was on getting Ethiopian Jews to Israel quickly. As the political situation became less dangerous, a steady wave of Ethiopians began making aliyah (immigrating to Israel). This exposed a need for programs to help new Ethiopian olim transition into and be successful in modern day Israeli society while maintaining their unique cultural heritage. The Fellowship stepped in to fill this gap. As shown in the next slides, The Fellowship funded many programs to solve this issue including basic needs care, job training, education, and Ethiopian empowerment initiatives.


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Transportation training for Ethiopian drivers
  • Excellence through education programs
  • High school diploma completion classes for Ethiopian soldiers
  • Amharic speaking mediators for the Ethiopian community


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • A Spiritual Center for the Ethiopian community of Afula
  • Vocational training courses for young adults
  • Furniture and equipment for a new Ethiopian synagogue in the city of Beit She’an
  • Support for emergency and general needs projects for the Ethiopian community


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Employment assistance programs in the city of Kiryat Yam
  • Construction for a new Ethiopian Spiritual Center
  • Amharic speaking librarians in Ashdod for Ethiopian-Israeli children
  • Funding for food and clothing for Ethiopian immigrants
  • Employment workshops and vocational training
  • Professional advancement courses for Ethiopian-Israeli graduates


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Special needs programs for Ethiopian students
  • Dry food parcels for Ethiopian-Israelis in need
  • Employment guidance and mentoring assistance
  • Computer training classes
  • Ethiopian teachers training and placement programs
  • Housing for Ethiopian single mothers and their children
  • Equipment for an Ethiopian synagogue
  • Individual legal counseling for Ethiopian-Israelis


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Nurse vocational training
  • Employment mediators for the Ethiopian community
  • An Ethiopian community center
  • Work placement programs for Ethiopian immigrants
  • Funds for special needs for the Ethiopian community
  • An Amharic speaking social worker for the Ethiopian community


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Advancement programs for the Ethiopian community in the city of Haifa
  • An Ethiopian Spiritual Center in the town of Kiryat Ekron
  • New air conditioners for an Ethiopian community synagogue
  • Programs for integrating and mentoring Ethiopian students in science and technology
  • A dance, theatre, and ethnic arts center for the Ethiopian community
  • Vocational courses for Ethiopian immigrants in communications and reporting
  • Ethiopian-Israeli social workers in four separate municipalities


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Basic needs support for Ethiopian women
  • An Ethiopian community center in the town of Rosh Ha'ayin
  • An Ethiopian synagogue in the town of Rosh Ha'ayin
  • A coordinator for the Ethiopian community in the town of Bat Yam
  • Summer playgroups and camps
  • An Ethiopian center for the elderly in the city of Lod
  • Employment opportunities for new Ethiopian-Israeli college graduates
  • An Ethiopian Spiritual Center in the city of Hadera


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Educational workshops for new Ethiopian-Israeli families
  • An afternoon child care facility
  • Food packages for Ethiopian needy families in the town of Be'er Sova
  • A youth movement program for immigrants
  • Funds for basic needs and healthcare programs in the Ethiopian transit camp


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Medical language translation assistance
  • The building and operation of Soup kitchens & food programs
  • Food packages for Ethiopian families in need
  • Job training programs for new immigrants
  • A Football project for Ethiopian children
  • Ethiopian empowerment programs


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • The renovation of an Ethiopian community center
  • The renovation of an Ethiopian job training center
  • Tuition, room, and board for immigrants in need of financial assistance
  • The building of a Spiritual Center for Ethiopians living in Jerusalem
  • Vocational courses for Ethiopian nurses' aides
  • The reopening of the medical clinic in the Gondar, Ethiopia transit camp
  • Computer programing courses for Ethiopian-Israelis


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • The building of a Spiritual Center for Ethiopians in the city of Netanya
  • Thousands of Passover seder meals
  • Six months of food packages for Ethiopian families in financial distress
  • Programs for the empowerment of young Ethiopian women
  • Education, vocational, and empowerment activities
  • Food and medical care at the clinic in Gondar, Ethiopia
  • Programs for improving the health of the Ethiopian-Israeli community


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Programs to assist in the integration of Ethiopian-Israelis into military and civilian society
  • Vocational training and scholarships in computer science
  • Programs for social and economic assistance
  • The renovation of an Ethiopian Spiritual Center in the city of Ashkelon
  • Vocational training in media studies for young adults
  • Scholarship opportunities for Ethiopian students
  • Educational training for young leadership within the Ethiopian community


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Youth centers for Ethiopian communities
  • Thousands of Passover food packages
  • Educational programs on living a healthy lifestyle in Israel
  • Centers for Ethiopian youth at risk
  • An absorption center for new Ethiopian immigrants
  • After-school programs in the communities of southern Israel
  • Communication workshops for Ethiopian youth


The Fellowship Helped Provide:

  • Youth centers for the Ethiopian communities
  • Programs for advocating fair housing policies
  • The building of a new Spiritual Center in the town of Rehovot
  • The renovation of Spiritual Center in the city of Ashkelon
  • Amharic — Hebrew Bibles for Ethiopian Spiritual Centers
  • Vocational training courses
  • Educational courses on understanding the Israeli healthcare system


Going Forward at The Fellowship

Your support provides life-changing assistance for these and other vital Fellowship programs. Without this help, Ethiopian immigrants would be faced with numerous obstacles with nowhere to turn. Please consider donating to these programs and continuing the tradition of helping the Ethiopian community succeed in Israel.



For years, Jews in Ethiopia lived under a brutal dictatorship and were unable to practice their religion. Thankfully, the oppressive regime fell, and many Ethiopian Jews were brought home to Israel through The Fellowship’s On Wings of Eagles program. Yet, they must still overcome formidable barriers of language and culture as they seek to become full, productive citizens of Israel. These are the stories of just a few of these who are working hard – with the help of The Fellowship – to realize the promise of life in their biblical homeland.



Over the years, with the generous support of our donors, The Fellowship has distributed funds to hundreds of projects throughout Israel providing basic needs, job training, education, and empowerment programs that are vital to the long-term success of Israel's Ethiopian immigrant population. With these programs, The Fellowship helps immigrants transition from their lives in Ethiopia to the high-tech, modern society they now call home. For a closer look at just some of the projects The Fellowship funds, explore the links below.



Your gift provides life-changing assistance for suffering Israelis and Jewish people around the world, including children and the elderly, who have nowhere else to turn. Thank you for your support! May you be blessed, even as you have blessed God's people (Genesis 12:3).

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